Applications for picking and packing jobs for the 2019/20 cherry season are now open.

To apply, please follow the below links:

 - For cherry picking jobs (managed by Linx Employment), click HERE

 - For cherry packing shed jobs, click HERE

Reid Fruits employs a large number of casual pickers and packers during the cherry season. Whether you live in Tasmania or elsewhere, you should consider a working holiday to participate in the annual fruit harvest at Reid Fruits.


Cherries and apples are picked and packed for export during the magnificent Tasmanian summer and early autumn respectively. If you travel from outside Australia, you must have an appropriate visa issued by the Australian Government to be eligible for employment.

Casual packing and picking positions for the 2018-2019 cherry and apple season will open in September and all applicants will be required to submit the relevant application forms to be considered for employment.

All successful applicants are required to find their own accommodation. 


Fruit Picking

Reid Fruits 'Redlands Orchard' is located 40 kilometres northwest of Hobart near New Norfolk in the Derwent Valley. Cherry picking starts from around the second week of December and continues through to mid February depending on the seasonal conditions. Pickers must handle the cherries with care and are paid by the quantity (kilograms) they pick. Experience is not necessary, however, Reid Fruits prefers to employ people who are prepared to work up to 6 days per week during the busy harvest season. 

Reid Fruits is an equal opportunity employer and the health and safety of employees is the highest priority. All staff are given appropriate training prior to commencing employment.

Reid Fruits 'Honeywood Orchard' is located at Jericho in the Southern Midlands of Tasmania. The orchard was established in 2016 and fruit picking is not expected to commence until the 18/19 cherry season. 

Reid Fruits cherry grading and packing is conducted at Apple Valley Coolstores near Huonville in the Huon Valley, 40 kilometres south of Hobart (about 30 minutes drive). In keeping with Reid Fruits' high quality standards, each cherry is individually checked during the packing and grading process before being packed into specially designed longlife bags  for export to customers in Australia and overseas.


All staff members are provided with disposable gloves and hair nets to maintain hygiene and food safety standards. Constant quality checks ensure that only premium cherries are packed. Experience is not necessary, however, Reid Fruits prefers to employ people who are prepared to work up to 6 days per week during the busy harvest and export season.


Jobs include hand sorting, packaging assembly, carton filling and palletising. All staff must undertake induction training  by Reid Fruits before commencing work.


Cherry packing and sorting is undertaken in a chilled environment to maintain fruit quality. Staff must wear appropriate footwear and brings warm clothing to work.


Work begins around mid-December and continues to the middle of February depending on the seasonal conditions.

Fruit Packing



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