Poplar Trees for Sale

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Populus Yunnanensis


At Reid Fruits we have many of these poplars around the perimeter of our cherry orchard as wind breaks and for their attractive looks.

These trees have many positive attributes such as:

  • 100% non-suckering

  • Fast growing

  • Non-invasive root structure

  • Bee attracting

  • Attractive shape

The trees are deciduous, however their leaves tend to fall off very late in autumn. Therefore, the trees will have leaf cover for around 9 months of the year.

They can grow to 5-6m high with minimal water or in a dry climate.

They can grow to 15--18m high in heavier soils that hold more moisture during the summer season.


We advise that you plant in winter or early spring.

When planting to provide wind shelter, we have planted our trees anywhere from 1-2m apart. If planted at 1m, the trees will grow into one another in the 2nd year and will provide strong wind protection. If planted at 2m, it will take until the 3rd year for the trees to provide strong wind protection.


We recommend in the first two years from planting, depending on your soil type, that you apply regular watering through the drier months of the year to ensure that the root system establishes a good foundation for the tree

It is also strongly recommended in the first year, that you prune all the side branches to around 100mm long and cut a third of the height off the tree. This will ensure that during the first year, the tree provides more energy into the root system and also helps the tree to stand up during windy conditions.


We sell bare-rooted trees which generally range between 1 and 2 metres high and come in bundles of 5 trees.

The trees are $6 each (plus GST). For orders of 100 trees or more, the trees are $5 each (plus GST).

We can usually fit 200-300 trees in a standard ute or trailer. They are available for pickup between the hours of:

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday to Thursday

8:00 AM to 1:30 PM Friday.

Please call us in advance to place your order on 0419 372 140.



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