Working at Reid Fruits

Picking and Packing positions for the upcoming cherry harvest season are now open. Please apply here

Where are the Orchards Located?

Reid Fruits has multiple orchards across Southern Tasmania. The main orchard is located in the Derwent Valley at Plenty (45 minutes north west of Hobart). The orchard at Jericho (1 hour north of Hobart) is the last to harvest and where pickers move to upon completion of harvest at Plenty. In the Huon Valley there are two Orchards located at Lucaston and Castle Forbes Bay with most of the crop being harvested from Castle Forbes Bay (45 minutes south of Hobart).

Plenty Orchard – 810 Glenora Road, Plenty TAS

Castle Forbes Bay Orchard – 22-32 Crowthers Road, Castle Forbes Bay TAS

Where is the Packing Shed Located?

Packing Shed – 2364 Huon Highway, Huonville TAS

What are the Working Environments Like?

The packing shed facility is a refrigerated work environment, meaning staff should be prepared and bring warm layers each day. In the orchard you may be exposed to a variety of weather conditions and must be able to lift and carry a minimum of 8kg (1 lug of cherries). One of the advantages of working at Reid Fruits is the height of the trees in the orchard are mostly limited to 2.4m high, this means very little ladder work is required when picking. The trees are easily accessible as there are no trellis wires throughout. Both positions require you to work long hours and standing on your feet all day. Please consider your suitability and fitness for the role before applying.

When does the Cherry Season Start and Finish?

The timing of cherry season varies each year and is dependent on the weather and the amount of fruit to be picked. However, picking usually begins at the start of December at our Plenty site through to late January. At Castle Forbes Bay picking begins towards the end of December through to the end of January and at Jericho picking begins at the end of January to mid-February. The packing shed will operate during this whole period.

What are the Required Hours of Work?

Picking – Casual pickers are expected to work up to seven days a week, depending on weather and fruit volume, with work hours generally from 6am to 3pm or as determined by management.

Packing – Casual packers are expected to work up to seven days a week, depending on weather and fruit volume, with work hours generally from 7am to 6pm in the packing shed, or as determined by management.

Is there Public Transport Nearby?

There is not any suitable public transport available. You will need to organise your own transport to and from the orchards and packing shed.

Does this work count towards second year visa?

Yes, both picking and packing work can be counted as days towards your second-year visa.

Can I apply for both picking and packing positions?

Yes, however when the season comes you will only be able to work in one position. Please notify administration if you have applied for both positions and what your preference is.

Is Experience Required?

While prior experience is beneficial, it is not required. Inductions and training will be held prior to starting in the orchards and packing shed.

What are the Current Rates of Pay?

Picking – Pickers are paid by the casual piecework rate – lug (the box that cherries are picked into that holds approximately 8kg of cherries). The picker will also receive a top up payment to the minimum hourly rate for their age classification under the Horticulture Award, multiplied by their number of hours worked, for any day when their earnings based on their lug picking falls below the minimum amount of pay required based off their hours worked. Pickers are expected to reach a minimum number of lugs per hour after a settling in period.

Packing – Packers are paid an hourly casual pay rate which includes 25% loading, based upon the Horticulture Award.

Is there any accommodation available?

Plenty (Orchard) – Camping is available onsite, but limited numbers offered. Kitchen and bathroom facilities are available; however, you will need to provide your own camping/sleeping equipment. Local accommodation available includes:

Castle Forbes Bay (Orchard)/Huonville (Packing Shed) – There is no accommodation available onsite at our packing shed in Huonville or at the orchards in Castle Forbes Bay/Lucaston. Local accommodation available includes:

Jericho (Orchard) – Limited camping is available at Jericho orchard and most pickers choose to travel from outside accommodation.

For any further questions or information please contact our administration team