From harvest to market

Our cherries are hand selected to ensure that only the finest quality cherries reach the consumer. 

Sustainable management practices ensure that future generations of cherry lovers will appreciate the care and guardianship that underpins the production of the finest quality cherries.

Our properties are planted with modern high density cherry orchards and are netted to prevent damage from birds, wind and other native animals.

The latest defect sorting packing technology ensures that inferior quality cherries are removed from the packing line leaving firm, glossy fruit with fresh, green stems.

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Redlands Orchard

Our main orchard site, is located on the fertile alluvial soils adjacent to the River Derwent and hosts over 120 hectares of modern, high density cherry orchard.

The River Derwent rises in the central highlands of Tasmania and is fed by several pristine tributaries that flow from Tasmania’s Southwest National Park and World Heritage Area. With 4 kilometres of river frontage, the pure waters of the River Derwent provide a sustainable irrigation supply over the dry summer months to the Redlands Orchard property.


Honeywood Orchard

Reid Fruits’ Honeywood Orchard is located in the higher reaches of the Southern Midlands with an elevation exceeding 400 metres above sea level. Originally dry land farming country, the area is now undergoing a transformation with the installation of the Southern Midlands Irrigation Scheme.

Honeywood Orchard is named for the very first Reid Fruits orchard, planted in the Honeywood district by James Reid back in 1856.

Castle Forbes Bay Photo

Castle Forbes Orchard

Reid Fruits’ Castle Forbes Orchard is located in the Huon Valley, south of Hobart and contains over 45 hectares of high quality cherries.

The Huon Valley has a long history of producing premium fruits and is the region in which the Reid family first planted apple orchards over 160 years ago.

Guaranteed freshness


Harvest time

The orchard management carefully monitor fruit maturity to ensure fruit is picked at the optimum time for domestic & export markets.

hydro cooled


The cherries are hydro-cooled very soon after being picked. It is important to remove heat from the cherries as soon as possible to ensure that shelf life is maximised.

transport to packig shed

Transport to Packing Shed

Cherries are transported in refrigerated trucks to the packing shed.

quality checks

Quality checks

Quality Assurance officers assess all cherries coming into the shed against quality criteria such as brix, firmness and stem quality.


Selecting the finest

The cherries go through a staged selection and grading process. State-of-the-art packing equipment removes soft and blemished fruit and ensures accurate sizing of cherries.

packed to order

Packed to order

The selected cherries are then
packed in a variety of custom packaging to suit customer orders.



Throughout the process the cherries are kept cold to ensure maximum freshness and shelf life.
Orders are collated and undergo quality and quarantine checks before being dispatched.

bound for the world

Bound for the world

Reid Fruits’ cherries are sent to over 20 countries across the globe and packed to exceed customer expectations.

Reid Fruits delivery boxes

Exporting around the globe

To you within days of harvest!

Reliable road, sea and air transport links from Tasmania provide efficient temperature controlled delivery of cherries to Australian and international destinations. As a result, fresh cherries from Reid Fruits in Tasmania can be on supermarket shelves in Asia, Europe or North America within 4 working days of harvest.

Reid Fruits typically packs two classes of cherries: Class 1 and Class 2. Both classes are available for export depending on the customer requirements.

Reid Fruits is registered for export for key protocol markets such as Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand and complies with international requirements for labelling, chemical usage and packaging.


As a result of our success in developing our range of premium branded cherries, Reid Fruits frequently encounters counterfeit versions of our cherries.

Reid Fruits encourages everyone to report suspected counterfeits so we can investigate and take potential action.

Check that you have a genuine box of Reid Fruits cherries!

Don’t compromise on quality or food safety. ​In an effort to protect our brand and our consumers we have adopted various anti-counterfeit measures to give more security to consumers purchasing our product:

  • For the 2022-23 season, Reid Fruits will be using Laava Fingerprint digital technology.
  • Each carton of cherries has a label with a unique code which enables customers to authenticate the carton.
  • Scan the code on your mobile device at our homepage at (in Chrome or Safari) or by using the WeChat mini-program on any smartphone.

We will be continuing to use the following anti-counterfeit measures.

  • Interior plastic cherry liners with gold Reid Fruits logo.
  • Reid Fruits watermarks on carton bases.