Trees for Sale

Reid Fruits also grows various other trees for sale to the public. Please see below for information regarding trees currently available.

For more information, please call us on 6261 5620 or email us at

Crab Apple Photo

Ornamental Red Flowering Apple (Malus ioensis)

We are currently selling beautiful red flowering apple trees. These trees are bare rooted and are at approximately 2m high.

$15 per tree or $10 per tree for orders of over 20 trees.


Yunnan Poplar (Populus Yunnanensis)

During the winter, Reid Fruits may have poplar trees  for sale. These trees are bare-rooted and range from 1m to 2m high.

We have many of these trees around the perimeters of our cherry orchards as wind breaks and also for their attractive looks.

These trees have many positive attributes such as:

  • 100% non-suckering
  • Fast growing
  • Non-invasive root structure
  • Bee attracting
  • Attractive shape